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Bradford for Utah Senate 28

Patricia Bradford for Utah Senate District 28

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About Patricia

Patricia graduated from Southern Utah University with a B.S. in History Education and a minor of Geography. After completing her student teaching at Cedar High School and spending a semester substituting in Iron County School district, Patricia’s plan to become a teacher crashed with the economy in 2008 and she landed in the Software as a Service industry. During her time working for growing companies, Patricia gained experience in quality assurance, project management, and team leadership. Most importantly, she learned to assess challenges quickly and develop whatever skills were necessary to complete the task in front of her. An ability that has served her well as she has spent the last few years doing freelance work for various companies while primarily focusing on her family.

The people of Utah face any number of challenges and they deserve real solutions, not sound bites. Patricia is running to represent all of Utah Senate District 28, not just those who support her campaign. Good government is about people and the best government considers ideas and perspectives from a wide variety of voices, including subject matter experts and the everyday people who are impacted by government decisions.

Patricia is running as a member of the United Utah Party. The UUP is a moderate party that is focused on common sense, common ground, and good government.


By the People, for the People

At its core, good government is about the people. Elected officials should never lose sight of the fact they are public servants and the bills they debate and pass affect the lives of those whom they’ve sworn to serve. Voters should choose their elected officials, not the other way around. Practices such as gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws damage the fabric of our democracy.


Quality education is an essential pillar of a prosperous society. Teachers and school districts require support and resources as they partner with parents to help students succeed. They also need flexibility to meet the unique challenges of their specific schools and students. Students suffer when education policy becomes a pawn of partisan agendas.

Endorsed by Utah Parents for Teachers

Government Reform

The legislative process must be open to meaningful public review. Stricter campaign finance laws level the playing field and limit the influence of moneyed special interests. Alternative voting systems (such as Ranked Choice, STAR, or Approval voting methods) better reflect the will of the people. Publicly funded primaries should be open to all eligible voters and school boards, sheriffs, and attorneys general should be selected in non-partisan elections. These and other reforms will help ensure that elected officials best represent the needs of all Utahns, not private interests or purely partisan agendas.

Thoughtful Problem Solving

Water conservation, land usage, transportation, racial and economic inequality, affordable housing, healthcare access, energy resources, public health, media literacy, education, social services, etc… The people of Utah face any number of challenges and they deserve real solutions, not sound bites. Thoughtful problem solving involves careful consideration of a wide variety of voices, including content area experts and the everyday people who are impacted by government decisions.

For more information on specific issues and statements about current events, see my campaign blog.

Get Involved

There are three great ways you can help spread the cause of good government. The first is through word-of-mouth; tell your friends about my campaign, both in person and on social media. The second is volunteering. Opportunities range from displaying yard signs to distributing flyers to organizing events. Tell me you want to volunteer and we can find something that fits your comfort level and available time. The third is by donating funds. As much as I hate asking for money, political campaigns require financial resources. Too often elections are decided by which candidate has the most capital, not the best ideas.


Do you want to share your thoughts on issues that impact Utah Senate District 28? Do you have a question about Patricia’s campaign or policy positions? Whatever the topic, she would love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Common Sense • Common Ground • Good Government