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Patricia Bradford


Patricia Bradford has been a member of the United Utah Party since 2017. She previously served as the Iron County Vice-Chair, Iron County Chair, and Southwest Region Chair. She also ran as a candidate for State Senate 28 in 2022. Bradford holds a bachelor’s degree in history & geography from Southern Utah University. She spent four years working for software companies along the Wasatch Front before moving to part-time contract and freelance work. She and her husband are the parents of three children.

Patricia currently serves as the State Vice-Chair for the United Utah Party.


UUP Candidates

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The United Utah Party
Stands for the 5 E’s

Economy: We support the free market system as the engine for economic growth. Public policy must promote economic opportunity for all, regardless of social and economic class, including the poor and needy.

Education:We support robust and accountable funding for public education in order to promote economic growth and engaged citizenship by preparing students for a changing world.

Environment: We advocate for stewardship for Utah’s natural resources over the long term, especially clean air and responsible water use.

Equality: We support laws that provide protection against discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Every individual is of inherent worth, has a right to be respected, and deserves to fully participate in our shared political and economic life.

Ethical Government: We believe that elected officials are responsible to the people, and not the demands of political parties, and must always act with integrity and in accordance with their oaths of office. We want to increase transparency, promote accountability, and expand voter access.

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